Eyeglass Designs

Eyeglass Designs

It’s said that the eyes are windows to soul. Whether or not you think that to be true, your eyes are very expressive, and there’s no better way to dress them up than a pair of elegant glasses. Each design creates a different outcome – here are three styles that are making a big comeback.

Here is Looking at You

There are many unusual lenses types to prefer from depending on what movement you’re doing, but mirrored lenses – before reserved for sunglasses, welding helmets and ski goggles – have been reinvented. Instead of the clear, anti-reflective coating found on most eyeglasses, a mirror-finished lens is highly reflective, bouncing back a colorful image of the outside world. Important advances in mirror-coating knowledge have been made in current years, giving you a wide selection of lenses to decide from, including orange, green, blue, purple, silver, gold, red – and exotic combinations which reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

A mirrored lens does not shape the wearer’s vision – the reflective coating is completely cosmetic and doesn’t alter what is seen through the glasses. The better the reflective of the lens, the harder it is for the wearer’s eyes to be seen by others.

Mirrored lenses are bright and bold. They’ll overwhelm subdued clothes, so match them with bright prints and saturated solids to make a powerful fashion statement.

Sometimes Size Matters

Big frames have risen, fallen and risen again in fame. Decades ago, a lot of glasses – particularly those with powerful lenses – were large by necessity. The knowledge needed to craft strong but little lenses and ultra-light frames simply did not exist.

Today’s large-framed glasses are dissimilar – they are over sized, but light, at ease and designed with a head-turning aesthetic sensibility. The classic frame is chunky and dark-colored, square in shape, but often has rounded corners and may be a bit wider than it is tall.

Big frames don’t work well for everybody. If your facial features are prominent – a strong nose, large eyes, a full mouth – chances are that you’ll look great in a large pair of glasses. Conversely, well features – smaller eyes, a delicate nose or a small head and face – can be overwhelmed by a superior frame. But there are no hard-and-fast rules. Sometimes, over sized glasses can add that much needed “zing” to a more skillfully structured face or subdued outfit.


Cat eye glasses are aptly named. Their rounded, up swept shape is feline – and feminine. The wide variation in frames gives you a lot of choice – better the up sweep, the more dramatic you’ll look; the more modest the swoop, the better your glasses will blend in. There are plenty of colors to decide from, but in keeping with the vintage vibe, a variegated or tortoiseshell-patterned acrylic frame is a timeless choice.

Because cat eye glasses have such a separate shape, be sure to try on a number of pairs – it’s significant to match them to your appearance. As a general rule, angular faces look best with frames that characteristic rounded edges. A very broad or round face may be flattered by sharper edges and upward-pointing corners.

Pair cat eye glasses with a graceful dress, or add a touch of class to a casual ensemble of dark, slim-cut denim and a V-neck top. Find a frame that suits you, and you’ll have a versatile fashion accessory which goes well with almost any outfit.

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